slkdask scenarios

When you’re at church: Sungyeol

It was 5:17pm as you walked in the church. Your wet hair clung onto the back of your dress as you rushed to a seat. You tried to not attract any attention, going to church late was pretty shameful. You made your way to the back side of the church.

"Excuse me." you whispered to the family sitting on the edge of the pew after you genuflected. You leaned against the pew in front as you scooted to a space big enough for 3 people. "I hope he’s on his way…" you thought, as everyone rose to sing the first song.

Your husband arrived, and he smiled as he saw you sit by yourself, reserving his seat with your purse. Wrapped around his finger, was Patrick’s hand, your 3 year old son.

You didn’t notice him, until he walked behind your seat and ran his fingers on your neck. He giggled to himself as you turned around in shock. You saw Patrick follow him to the edge of the pew, clinging onto his finger.

He genuflected, and stayed in that position. “Do what appa is doing.” he said quietly to his son. Patrick genuflected with a different knee, and laughed to his dad. “Ya, you think you’re funny, huh?” He lifted his son up and carried him as he made his way to the space next to you.

"I’m here, yobo~" Sungyeol whispered closely in your ear as he wraps his arm around your shoulder. His warm breath vibrated in your ears. Your heart began to pound and your cheeks began to feel hot, but you hid it as you gave him a ‘really?’ look. He laughed and kissed you on the cheek, and lifted Patrick onto his lap.

You’re still not used to the new prayers, so you always grab the reading placard to guide you. Sungyeol would always tell you that he didn’t need it.

"The Lord be with you." said the priest. "And also wit—" Sungyeol said proudly. You pinched his arm, "And with your spirit." you exclaimed. ‘He doesn’t need it, my butt.’ You thought to yourself. He leaned over to you. "Oops." He put his arm around your waist and pulled you in closer as he read along with you for the Apostle’s Creed.

"Please turn to page 376 in your Gather hymnals." Everybody in the church rose and sang along. You looked over to your husband, who was flipping through a book that was not the Gather hymnal. "What are you doing?" you whispered. He exposed the front cover, and it was the spanish song book. "I don’t speak americano." he said softly as he did a little trot. You face palmed at your dumb husband. ‘And this is why I fell for him.’ you thought. Patrick smiled and slapped his hand as he covered his mouth, trying to avoid from bursting into laughter.

You held out your hand for the Lord’s prayer, and Sungyeol held onto it. You smiled as his thumb rubbed against the back of your hand. You gripped tighter and couldn’t help but look at your matching wedding rings. He always would play with your fingers and his warm hand fit perfectly with yours.

"Peace be with you!" Sungyeol told his son as he bent over and kissed his nose. He picked him up and brought Patrick towards you. "Peace be with you." you pushed his brunette hair out of the way kissed Patrick’s forehead above his chinky, smiling eyes. Sungyeol put Patrick down and turned to you, as he was leaning in to shake your hand, he fools you and extends his hand over to the person next to you.

"Wow, really?" you told him. ‘Two could play that game.’ you thought. You extended your arm out but before you knew it, he grabbed your hand quickly and made his infamous Owl expression. You bursted into laughter as he pulled you in from his grasp for a hug.

"Eomma, I have to go use the restroom…" Patrick whispered to you. "Can you take him for me?" You asked Sungyeol. He nodded his head and took Patrick off your lap. He lifted him up and carried him. His arm contoured as he got a hold of his son. Patrick’s head peaked over Sungyeol’s shoulder and he waved goodbye to you.

You faced forward and a tear rolled down your cheek. You love him so much, and it hurt knowing that it was the last mass before he goes on his month long Asia tour. “Saranghae.” he whispered over your shoulder while he walked behind your pew. He wiped the tear with his thumb, and held Patrick’s hand and lead him to the restroom