slkdask scenarios

When you’re grocery shopping for a dinner: Sungyeol

It’s so nice knowing that we’ve been together for one year, you thought to yourself. Your hair was tied up into a messy bun, wearing cut-off sweatpants and your old school gym shirt. Your eyeliner was minimal and you only bothered to sweep a light layer of powder.The sound of your keys kept a rhythm around your wrist as you gripped onto your shopping cart.

You looked up towards the ceiling at each label.You planned on making Tonkatsu, pork cutlet. You knew that Tonkatsu was his favorite Japanese dish. What did that need? You entered the first isle, scanning carefully on each side.

First you were going to get the breadcrumbs. You were in an Asian market, but the isle you were in was a bit unique. “The white people food here just throws me off…” you said aloud, as you were the only one in the isle anyway.

You looked up and saw the bread crumbs. They were so high. You, being so short, tippy-toed and reached to the top shelf. You just got back from the gym with one of your best friends and you can feel your abs stretch as you tried to grow an inch or two taller. So much work for getting one ingredient.

Suddenly, you felt warm hands slowly grab you by the waist. The hands grip tight as they lift you up. You looked down at the milky skinned white hands and scanned your eyes up his arm to see his cut, flexed biceps. The familiar scent of cologne engulfed your surroundings… Blue de Chanel.. just like—

"Aigoo, are you going to get the crumbs or not? I can’t hold up your anchor-weight self for too long." Sungyeol whispered into your ear. He giggled softly, giving you goosebumps, as you flail your arms to reach for the tube of breadcrumbs.

Your feet lightly landed on the ground. You look up at your boyfriend, with his gummy smile. “So… what are you doing here?” he asked nonchalantly. He took his hand and brushed his hair behind his ear, exposing his 6 piercings, all lined onto his cartilage. He flinched, his ears were a bit red. They were still sore, but you couldn’t help but find them seriously attractive.

"I’m here.. you know.. just to.." you didn’t want to ruin the surprise. "to buy.. girl stuff!" What where you… even saying..?

"You know, I didn’t know ‘girl stuff’ included breadcrumbs." he said. He placed his hands in his pockets and looked over to you. His eye wrinkles were defined when he winked at you.

As he was walking away, you asked, “Wait.. what are YOU doing here?”

"Oh I don’t know… getting.. ‘boy stuff’." He did air quotes. "Annyeong~" he teased, and kept walking the other direction.

"Ugh, this boy." you said to yourself, as you continued to the next isle.

Your back faced your shopping cart. Being the cheapskate you are, you carefully examined the unit prices. “Why is this so expensive. Is this like ground with Poseidon’s trident or something..? I don’t even.” You grabbed one of the pepper boxes and turned around.

Where… is my cart?

You looked down and up the isle. It was no where to be found. “Is this real. Who would stea—” you paused, “Lee Sungyeol. You think you’re funny, huh?” you scoffed, but couldn’t help but smile at how fun your boyfriend makes things for you.

You ran across the grocery store, looking ridiculous clenching onto a black pepper, that shook along to your clanking house and car keys. You tried to think where he would be. What would he do?

You stopped as your boyfriend Sungyeol was caught by your peripherals. He tried to look calm, but once he saw you, he couldn’t help but start snickering. You charged over to him and looked inside his cart.

"Missha BB Cream? …Always Infinity?!" you looked at his cart carefully, crinkling your eyebrows. "What’s up with this?"

Sungyeol laughed. “You said ‘girl stuff’ right? I got you, babe.” he said. You were not amused… until you noticed the other things in the cart.

You saw pork, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, and flour. All the things you needed. Your face slowly grew into a smile and you looked up at Sungyeol. “You knew, huh?”

"How could I forget? Really, I got you. I’ll do the cooking for you." He pushed your sideswept bangs out of the way and pulled you in by the shoulders. He placed his soft, red lips onto your forehead. He released and ran his hands down your arms, holding onto both of your hands. "Now, did I get the right shade of BB cream?"

You smiled. “C’mon, let’s go to check out. I’ll race you home.” You clasped your hands onto the cart and he placed his hands on top of them. He shadowed behind you. You felt protected with him around you. You both walked together and he guided you to the check out line.